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following the previous two pairs of grey wolf color with olive green color of low-key presentation, foamposite one today ushered in the "hologram" rainbow hologram version of the sale, shoes with gray texture vamp flagship, the with all the colours of the rainbow to the details of an effect modification, bringing brisk experience, combined with the classic and familiar with black lining and blue at the end of the match, the exclusive experience FoamPosite; shoes item 314996-900, the official price of 1749 yuan. source: City Kicks Rock, NIKE[Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] Adidas said the brand plans to cut a quarter of the portfolio, in order to improve overall corporate performance. According to chief executive, said the company HerbertHaine Adidas currently sells 46,897 different products, many of which can not achieve the anticipated benefits. He said, "20% of our products contribute about 80% of sales. We need to undo those profits and trading volumes are very small products. We wi jordans on sale mens ll cut 25% of the portfolio. For favored by the young The new product line will be launched, means that we will need to make greater cuts in other areas "(Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre).yesterday engraved version you read Air Jordan 5 after an angry bull, almost booed. Nike was accused of getting no sincerity. I just want to say, you are right. Nike how to put the shoes fans down to what extent? I don't know either?? Recently this period of time, that is neither short nor long, had several chilling thing happened. Air Jordan 13 Chicago moldy just in the United States near Air Jordan on sale in the 13 part mold problem is serious, difficult to accept, but Nike has to solve the problem. We don't know our friends have not encountered a similar problem? Air Jordan 15 Air Jordan 15 is a lot of simple shoes fans dubbed the iron in fighter design inspiration, the most special is the tongue design, inspired by Michael Jordan tongue in th cheap air jordans e game phenomenon. In the publicity, the name Zoom Air Nike once before and after the publicity posters, however, after the dismantling, this pair of AJ15 Zoom Air has sole vanished. No configuration is reduced, but the price was raised. if there is no dismantling, we may still don't know it with jane. Now Air Jordan 15 Retro and also a new color "Obsidian", we have also said that not only consider buying simple. Nike Hyperdunk 2008 Nike Hyperdunk 2008 last year with Jane, engraved shoes fans are happy for a while, but I heard Zoom Air, carbon fiber board. News. This is our memory for Hyperdunk 08? don't cancel the carbon fiber plate in order to save costs?? KD9 tube The defect of design is a BUG, middle KD9 conduit or not on both sides of air cushion, but it is easy to fracture is the fact that cannot be changed. There are many shoes wearing KD9 reaction "hit several times in the infield, not what strength, just put that pressure several times off the road." hey, no creative work, and Retro jordans for sale very touching. Motionless on the ultra limited super price Nike now in matters of conscience, is already better than past. what!? You are familiar with Air Jordan has become a trend of the brand? Browse: 61 times a Atlas (A / 128) HPNY (572 Atlas) published: 2017-06-19 16:46 believes that everyone remember the plot "dunk master" in Yingmuhuadao to buy Jordan, finally Sakuragi respectively to 30 yen and 100 yen bought AJ6 and AJ1, although the animation description is a little exaggerated, but at that time, Jordan want to buy a pair of shoes, really just walked into the shoe shop, pay for shoes so easy to leave, good luck may have discount will be oh. (from discriminating marker channel the author: jackynicq ) 2012-7-4 08:35 upload download attachment (190.12, KB) Nike and Jordan Brand will introduce all kinds of sneakers for the Olympics, including Air Jordan 2012 Lite. The five colors are in different countries color version, will be on sale in July 5th. Followed by the U. S. Nationa air jordan 11 space jam for sale l team color matching sale, scheduled for July 19th. In fact, the overall sense of color, not so much the color of the national team, it is better to be a variety of super hero inspiration color. 2012-7-4 08:35 upload and download attachments (129.11 KB) 2012-7-4 08:35 upload and download attachments (137.85 KB) 2012-7-4 08:35 upload and download attachments (134.32 KB) 2012-7-4 08:35 upload and download attachments (139.9 KB) century, a double side with "three bar", wore rubber shell toe shoes with weird NBA game hot more and more attention, the most enduring classic style Adidas Superstar that is in Adidas history. With the continuous development of basketball, Adidas also for the needs of athletes continue to improve this shoes, which as the "Superstar enhanced version" of the Pro Model, the most striking. Adidas and Superstar are the same, it has the most pure basketball lineage; unlike Superstar, it not only has a protective upper, higher and better, and have a stronger vitality, cheap foamposites when Superstar has been away from the stadium, Pro Model was once again this year ushered in the rebirth. Adidas, Pro, Model series of basketball shoes products are very practical, rare good shoes. Adidas Pro Model 2011, a new pair of basketball shoes in the Adidas Pro Model series basketball shoes, will be on sale in 2011 August, and these shoes are also known as the fastest Pro Model basketball shoes. The lining is made of light, breathable fabric, KPU Foam material on the ankle, and a very thin fabric that produces very little heat at the ankle with good wrapping. The design of the classic shell toe head made of parts of the use of lightweight SprintSkin, lightweight and breathable more. The midsole uses the Z Torision anti twist system on the Superbeast, and the non-marking outsole doesn't leave unsightly marks on the court. And the lightweight Pro Model 2011 weighs just 12.7 ounces. The multi color Adidas Pro Model 2011 will be on sale in August at a price of $85, and at the same time, thes jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black e shoes have joined the adidas personalized custom footwear program, priced at $105. First of all, the three colors listed are green, white, blue, white, and red and white color. ; o/, Q8, T, is one of the most popular colors in the HD family, and ", Think, Pink", and series colors are full of fans. and Nike HyperDunk 2015 appearance appearance, white sweet show strong anticancer fighters, enjoy it to ; a Air Jordan recently network exposure III Force Fusion black cement sample shoes, shoes with black color cement classic Air Jordan III shoe color and texture color, this section with a commercially available Air Jordan III Force Fusion is different in the bottom under the AIR MAX window did not take the air cushion design transparent. But with a red AIR logo Air Force 1 white bottom, while riding grey with red trim rubber outsole. This sample shoes are now available on eBay at noname2828, and you may care for some of your favorite friends.adidas EQT series as the dark horse jordans on sale online this year, great Retro Running Shoes "comeback" posture. Recently, a variety of "variant shoes" emerge one after another, is the original design updates and improvements, more fashionable elements and modern painstaking injection, whether to let you echocardiography? This "variant" shoes type is EQT Support ADV, and brings two new designs at one stroke, a variety of new colors! Based streamlined profile in front of retention on the new shoes with breathable mesh material to make shoes, and extends to the heel position, and nylon three line sideways into a three set of cross design, new shoes become the most recognizable elements. compared to the original shoe type, this design is more fashionable. What's your opinion? at the same time, Adidas also EQT Support ADV has created a sock type design! Using a knitted material to create uppers, remain unchanged, is the side of the three and heel bracket, has been extended shoes collar for these shoes injected new elements. th jordan 3 katrina 2018 ese two variants, EQT, Support, ADV, you look good? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! reportedly, A$AP Rocky is about to become the latest spokesperson for Under Armour's Lifestyle branch of the sports brand. Super star library into the hands, Under Armour received a very good growth momentum, but with the Nike, Adidas and other heavyweights follow-up force, Under, Armour and even a loss situation. Before the signing of Tim Coppens to become Lifestyle designer, Under Armour is in dire need of a strong face for branding image, A$AP Rocky as in the street and fashion popular faces, is undoubtedly the best available candidates, although the two sides have not officially announced, but I believe that soon will be announced. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!last year rumored to be on sale for the black cement Air Jordan 3 "88" finally did not appear on the list of sales, but we all have such authentic flavor appreciated. Recently, the media exposure of this Air Jordan 3'88 Black Cement Logo unsold samples of physical photos, followed by the retro Nike Air, very conspicuous. Air Jordan is a variety of series engraved in the spring of 2017 debut of we already know that next year there will be a wave of Air Jordan 6 engraved debut, and recently in the network and the exposure of a variety of Air Jordan Series in the spring of 2017 the engraved plans, including three Air Jordan 13, respectively. Red, black and white black and yellow Melo PE. Air Jordan 12 playoff low edition is also in the list. finally, the Air Jordan 4 Mars with the black head of Spike Lee also confirms the return. The picture comes from the InternetIn addition to the Kyrache Light color color buy cheap jordans online ful, Nike for the double combat weapon Kyrie 3 launched this extremely elegant black version. This overall design is very restrained, with a black throughout the entire shoe, only in marble texture decorative bottom, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 852396-005 release date: August 5th nike-kyrie-3-triple-black-852396-005.jpg (259.14 KB, download times: 4) download attachment Nike Kyrie 3 black colorUpload 09:53 2017-6-28 nike-kyrie-3-triple-black-852396-005-3.jpg (237.23 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Nike Kyrie 3 black colorUpload 09:53 2017-6-28 nike-kyrie-3-triple-black-852396-005-4.jpg (305.17 KB, download times: 4) download attachment Nike Kyrie 3 black colorUpload 09:53 2017-6-28 nike-kyrie-3-triple-black-852396-005-1.jpg (249.52 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Nike Kyrie 3 black colorUpload 09:53 2017-6-28 nike-kyrie-3-triple-black-852396-005-2.jpg (218.58 KB, download times: 4) download attachment Nike Kyrie 3 black colorUpload 09:53 2017-6-28 nike-kyrie-3-triple-black-852396-005-6.jpg (611.94 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Nike Kyrie 3 black colorUpload 09:53 2017-6-28 the American financial crisis has swept over; China's economy can not be spared. overnight, the financial tsunami struck, the subprime mortgage crisis, the chain effect completely broke Wall Street myth. which caused by the U.S. housing prices, housing loans and other related assets and losses in the value of financial storm swept down potential trends, triggered a strong concern of investors, the world's major stock markets have plunged so. China's gradual integration into the global financial system, the economic development model is still export-oriented, the total import and export value of more than 60% of GDP, in the United States National borrowing to end the pattern of consumption, "made in China" will be affected. So, the financial crisis across the ocean will drag China into the water? Experts believe that the financial turmoil will impact on China's economy from two aspects of market confidence and external environment. impact 1, ? U.S. consumption decline affects China's export the collapse of Lehman brothers and Merrill Lynch was acquired and since the beginning of the crisis of the past year down, many experts, this event is only a spray on the whole process of the crisis, should not be viewed in isolation, the continuation of its impact on the Chinese economy is actually the subprime crisis on the macro China the economic impact. financial research by the World Academy of Social Sciences, the world economic and political research deputy director Zhang Bin said in an interview with this reporter, to understand the impact of the crisis on China from the two aspects of import and export. export, we can predict that the external environment of China's macro economy will be more severe due to the financial turmoil sweeping through Wall Street. The General Administration of customs import and export data show that the first 8 months of this year, an increase of China's foreign trade exports slowed down the trend is obvious, because the United States is the largest export market for Chinese goods, once in the 6-7 month at high Chinese export growth will encounter challenges, Zhang Bin said that the decline in external demand means that foreign consumers for high the added value of products and low value-added products decreased demand at the same time. In such an environment, exporters may not be motivated to innovate, but are forced to maintain market share by lowering their prices, which could lead to further deterioration in the terms of trade for Chinese exporters. Zhang Bin analysis, affected by the financial crisis, the U.S. economy still may decline in the second half of the year, leading to its national consumption ability and desire to continue to reduce, while investment spending will increase, "the China of foreign trade)